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About NIIT:

It is undoubtedly the case that Information Technology (IT) will continue to be the key enabling component of the economic growth of nations. The world has witnessed huge technological advances in the last twenty years, bringing about fundamental changes in the way in which organizations operate.

And this trend is likely to continue for many years to come. This change has brought with it the need for a highly trained workforce and a need for structured and well packaged IT services provided to the developing sector and it is specifically with this in mind that the National Institute for Information Technology (NIIT) has been established.

NIIT Objectives:

NIIT management is working on developing the IT sector in Palestine into an industrial productive sector. To achieve this ultimate goal, NIIT has set a number of objectives to accomplish, which are:

Monitoring the developments and trends in the IT arena, and preparing the proper recommendations for adapting them to serve the national economy.

Increase the number of internationally certified IT Graduates.

Creating job opportunities for IT graduates through professional placement programs.

Offering complimentary IT services such as IT Investment/Business Incubators for Startups.

Preparing and delivering internationally certified training programs.

Partnering with international IT companies to benefit from their experiences and to exchange information and knowledge with them.

Partnering with the public sector and private sector and other stakeholders to develop, adapt and implement strategies to develop the IT sector and to help it face the various economic challenges.

NIIT Establishemnt:

The National Institute for Information Technology (NIIT) was established to play a significant role in the development of the IT sector in Palestine.

We envision Information Technology as a main pillar of the development of the Palestinian Society and Economy.Contact Information :

National Institute for Information Technology :


-Al Wataniah Towers, 34 Al Bireh Municipality St., 4th Floor

Tel.: +970 2 240 7751/2/3, Fax: +970 2 240 7754


رام الله - أبراج الوطنية - 34شارع البيرة - ط 4
هاتف : 3-2-2407751 فاكس : 2407754
البريد الالكتروني :

Gaza :

Al Jala’- Al-Wihdeh Crossing St, 116, 4th Floor

Tel.: +970 8 2833318/28, Fax: +970 8 2833308

Comments and Complaints :

Dear valued Customer :

We urge you to submit any complaints you might have regarding any misconduct or quality of service .

We also would highly appreciate any comments you believe would help us improve our quality of service and / or enable us to serve you and others valuable customers better .

We thank you in advance for taking the time to fill the form below .
we take all of your comments seriously and promise to resolve any situation that have lead you unsatisfaction.

Add comments or complaints

President Arafat honored us at NIIT by hosting the grand opening ceremony that took place in the Ramallah branch in March 2001.

International Partnerships:

NIIT as a Microsoft IT Academy
NIIT as an Authorized Prometric Testing Center
Bradford Learning
Human Soft Learning - New


NIIT as a Microsoft IT Academy :

NIIT has been assigned as a Microsoft IT Academy by the IT giant, Microsoft. NIIT, from the first day of operation, has recognized the importance of building and maintaining professional ties with major international IT companies. These companies lead the IT industry and draw its future and NIIT uses its strong relations with these companies to transfer the technological developments of these companies to the Palestinian IT sector. Such technologies are then employed to serve the national economy once properly put in use.

NIIT, through its IT Academy, will benefit greatly from Microsoft’s expertise in the areas of training, research, and human resources development. NIIT is obliged to transfer the knowledge to the IT Sector in Palestine.

Being assigned as a MS IT Academy, NIIT:

got a 100 users license to use any of Microsoft products.

got the ability to test beta versions of Microsoft products which will allow NIIT’s technology experts to study the future trends in technology and guide the manpower of the IT sector in Palestine to prepare for the future,

got to authorize its trainers as Microsoft Certified Trainers which will increase their efficiency and competitiveness,

has the opportunity to consult with Microsoft experts on issues related to latest technologies,

can train two of its trainers on latest Microsoft products under the supervision of Microsoft experts,

can receive technical support from Microsoft experts on implementing demanded training programs,

can consult with MS and exchange information and knowledge with it to get better results,

can make extra crucial information available to its employees through a private web site that can only be accessed by academy members. In addition to receiving free copies of the MS TechNet Plus Kit.
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NIIT as an Authorized Prometric Testing Center:

NIIT has also been assigned as an Authorized Prometric Testing Center. This will allow all those interested in maintaining an international certificate in IT to take the required exams at NIIT. This is significant and complies with NIIT’s objective to increase the number internationally certified IT graduates.

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Bradford Learning:

NIIT has recently established a partnership with one of the best Linux training providers, Bradford Learning Incorporation.

This partnership allowed NIIT to provide state-of-the-art training on the open source environment of Linux.

This will definitely contribute to the achievement of NIIT’s objective to enhance the technical know-how of the IT workforce in Palestine.

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Human Soft Learning : New

NIIT has recently partnered with Human Soft as a reseller. Human Soft is a leading company in providing on-line training over the Internet (Electronic Learning). Their portal provides innovative, integrated and effective web- based training in the field of Information Technology and Business and Professional Development. The portal contains a huge pool of courses that individuals, interested in attending on- line can select from, purchase and immediately start their training. In addition, there are prepaid cards, I learn cards, that have preassembled packages that meet the specific job roles such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources ….etc.

Through our partnership with Human Soft, we provide a crucial and basic alternative to instructor-led training (On-line electronic training). E-learning is considered a major option for self-paced training.



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