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General Information About the GRE

An aptitude test used by graduate schools in admission process - regarded as "first order criteria" (along with GPA and letters of recommendation).
Doctoral programs - 550
Masters programs - 500
Should take no later than 3 weeks before school’s application deadline.
$115 Fall 2002
30 MC
must formulate the relationship between the words in the given word pair
of the possible choices, which pair of words has the closest relationship to that of the given pair
which word is most nearly opposite to given word
reason from a given concept to its opposite
Sentence Completion
measure the ability to use various cues provided by syntax and grammar to recognize the overall meaning of a sentence
does the answer logically and stylistically satisfy meaning
Reading Comprehension - 6 question types
main idea or primary purpose of the passage
information explicitly stated in the passage
information or ideas implied or suggested by the author
author’s logic, reasoning, or persuasive techniques
tone of the passage or the author’s attitude as it is revealed in the language used
28 MC
addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, powers, percent, absolute value, properties of numbers
factoring and simplifying algebraic expressions, concepts of relations and functions, equations, inequalities, word problems
properties associated with parallel lines, circles, triangles, rectangles, area, perimeter, volume, slope, intercepts
Data Analysis
descriptive statistics, interpretation of data given in graphs and tables, probability, select appropriate data for answering a question, determine if data provided can answer a question
Quantitative - 2 types of questions
Quantitative Comparison
reason quickly and accurately about the relative sizes of two quantities (A greater, B greater, A and B the same) or perceive that not enough information is available to make such a comparison
Problem Solving
test mathematical concepts using standard 5 answer choices
Analytical Reasoning
a group of 3-7 related statements or conditions and 3 or more questions that test the understanding of that structure and its implications
test ability to understand a given structure of relationships (e.g. cause/effect, temporal order) and deduce new information from the relationships given
Logical Reasoning
understand, analyze, and evaluate arguments based on a statement or graph or table
For all tests, often several answers are correct. You must pick the BEST answer.
Each part is worth between 200 and 800 points in 10 point increments.
Mean=500 SD=100
Retaking the test
Was your previous test negatively influenced by a rectifiable circumstance (illness, anxiety, lack of sleep, unprepared)?
Do you believe that you can improve your score?
Schools will get ALL scores.
Preparing to take the GRE
Distributed Practice and Overlearning
Expect to spend 40-60 hours
Take practice tests
identify skills and subject areas you are weak in
familiarize yourself with the mechanics of test taking
Make a study routine and stick to it - start several months in advance and spend 1-2 hours per day in preparation
Resources - books, classes, websites
Other Tips
Be in peak condition - eat, sleep, exercise, minimize personal problems
Think positively - don’t think "I never do well on these kinds of tests" or "If I do poorly, I’ll never get into graduate school"/
Check your admission ticket
Before exam - locate site and parking and estimate commute time
On Day of Exam
Treat it like any other day - progress through normal routine.
Wear layers.
Bring 2 pieces of identification and school information to send test scores.
Try to relax by breathing deeply.
Focus on each question and don’t worry about past answers or future questions.
Computer vs. Paper
Computer - Adaptive
93 questions
1.5 min. per question
2 hrs. 15 min. total
See scores when done
Can’t change answer once confirmed
All questions equal value
Paper - Linear
186 questions
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